Tweet 03-26-09 16:13
I'm following one, C. Walken on Twitter. For some reason, reading his Twitter postings always make me smile.
The other night I had a dream that I was at Disneyland. While I was there I ran into the Jonas brothers and started talking to them. Over the course of this conversation, we started talking about sex. I said that I preached protection over abstinence. We got into a huge fight about it. I thought that I was going to throw down with the Jonas brothers. Seriously, like, I think I took a swing at the little one.

I woke and felt weird about dreaming about the Jo Bros.

It's been awhile since I had a really weird dream.
Soo... 02-05-09 19:39
Yesterday I cussed out my math teacher. He pulled me out in the hall to talk about how I need to be there. He asked of there was something he could do to help, I told him teach...

And then I went off on him for about 10 minutes.

I got applause... which was weird.

(later when I was having a cig after school, Will informed me that I wasn't yelling, I was 'preaching')

Anyways. Then today they question my friend Phi... They thought it was all her idea that I yelled at him. She was like, 'if it was my idea, I would have been out there with her.'

Today in class he didn't talk to me at all. However when I put a gum wrapper on my nose and pretended to be a football player he stared at me. But he's always fucking staring at me.

Music Internships 02-04-09 12:03
If anybody knows of any record companies in the Portland, Oregon area that needs/wants an intern, let me know...

Internship 01-23-09 19:42
I never realized how hard finding an internship would be. I guess, I just assumed that everything would be okay. I need 60 hours before sometime in May. Which I know is possible. I know that it can be done. However, I am freaking out because for the career field that I want, there are no internships. At least none that want a high school student. I've e-mailed local record companies only to receive no reply. I'm getting so frustrated about this. And I'm freaking out! I know that I can do this. It's just getting the ball rolling. People think that I want to intern at a recording studio, however, I don't. I hated my music production and recording class. It would be fun to intern there, it's just not what I want to do.


The Wrestler is an awesome movie!
It's snowing... 12-14-08 11:48
When I go back to school I have to rub this fact into my Science Fiction teachers face. He said that if it did snow it wouldn't stick. So... ha ha Knight! Third period Science Fiction wins this round!

Anyways, I like the snow. It don't really mind it. I'm gonna go play with my sister and dog in the snow later. It shall be an epic battle!
Eeep... 11-10-08 15:23
I have so much crap to finish!

I have a 10 page paper to write.
A recipe book to create.
A video to make.
A test to study for.
And a test in math to make up.

I have a headache and I can't sleep...

But, at least tonight I might go to the hooka bar... and then I'll sleep in tomorrow and get to work on my projects.
WTF?!?! 07-26-08 15:18
MTV is remaking Rocky Horror... They steal everything good about anything underground or a cult favorite and have to cash in on it. Now, there well be a billion people quoting lines that before they did not understand. This is lame... P.S. If Zac Efron is anywhere near this production... I'm going on a killing spree...
Being a red head... 06-22-08 19:41
I am very much considering dying my hair red. It seems like so much fun to be a red head...

I don't know...

I'm also thinking about redoing my room, so that it looks like an 18-year-old girl lives in there...

Yeah, summer is the time for fun in sun and me thinking about rearranging my life!

YAY! Rearranging!
Chinese Garden 05-06-08 14:10
I took a field trip to the Chiense Garden. It was pretty rad! I've never been so, it was pretty exciting. But, by the end I really wanted some fuckin' Chinese food.

Yeah, needless to say, I still want some. And I'm really hoping that I can have some for dinner.

And last night I was chased out of my room by a hornet! I didn't see it this morning, so I'm assuming that it's dead! It damn well better be!
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